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Bionique/Whyage Instant Hair Thickener

Bionique/Whyage Instant Hair Thickener

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A Hair Thickener That Gives Thicker Hair In An Instant!

Handy and easy to use hair thickener spray that produces a hair thickening mist to instantly thicken up your thinning area of hair.

Perfect Match! Bionique/Whyage hair thickener comes in a variety of colours to match your hair and thicken it perfectly.

Total Enhancement... Bionique/Whyage Spray Hair Thickener will enhance your existing hair by adding colour and body.

Is it Safe?... Yes totally, the hair thickener sprays use all natural ingredients, and have been thoroughly tried and tested for cosmetic use. Suitable for men and women, for almost all hair loss problems and hair thinning worries.

Will it grow my hair?... No, there is no scientific evidence that suggests Bionique/Whyage hair thickener will grow hair. Although some people have reported to us that it slowed down the fall out rate and in some cases halted it altogether. This may be due to the reduced stress of having thicker hair and less significant hair loss.

Disguise your thinning and balding hair, and get results that will surprise yourself! Cover Up Hair Thickener is the answer.

Colours available: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Grey

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