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IQ Hair Care Tea Tree Shampoo

IQ Hair Care Tea Tree Shampoo

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Tea Tree Shampoo

For zingy clean and lustrous locks with a beautiful natural scent and an invigorating morning wake-up, the intelligent solution is IQ Tea Tree Shampoo. 

Formulated to tingle and tease hair back to life and repair damage, this sulphate paraben free shampoo uses the purifying power of nature to cleanse your hair and scalp. 

This shampoo is packed with naturally antiseptic tea tree essentials oils and refreshing peppermint oil. It is enhanced by the nourishing power of Amaranth, so it strengthens from within for a deep clean that will not strip the hair of any of the natural oils.

Amazing Amaranth:- The whole intelligent haircare (IH) product range has been enhanced with a blend of oils, proteins and extracts from the Amaranth plant. The plant itself is known as ‘the never fading flower’ and has been celebrated as far back as the Ancient Greeks for its range of healing properties.

This product creates a zingy sensation when using. You will adore the tingly clean feeling and the gorgeous natural aroma.

"No need to scour the high street shelves for the perfect product for your daily routine we have found it for you. Containing natural tea tree and amaranth. Free of harmful ingredients, a great size which is both long lasting and economical why would you use anything else" Jonathan Smith - Product Finder

Sulphate Free and Parben Free

Directions :- Leave hair invigorated and full of vitality with IQ Tea Tree Shampoo. Apply evenly to wet hair and massage thoroughly, paying particular attention to the scalp. Complete your haircare regime with IQ Tea Tree Conditioner.

Size :- 300ml

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