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K-Max Concealing fibers 25gm jar

K-Max Concealing fibers 25gm jar

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KMax Concealing and Thickening Fibres

Eliminate the appearance of thinning hair in 20 Seconds Guaranteed.

  • New Formula - 100% Natural
  • Microfibers are finer and electrostatic properties enhanced
  • All new natural colour shades
  • 25gm and New 27.5gm sizes available
  • Great value for money and an outstanding product

K-Max hair thickening fibers are a revolutionary solution to the thinning and balding problem. K-Max is uniquely formulated from Keratin hair fibers, it is not a paint or a cream that attempts to cover your scalp. It is a finely textured fiber substance that binds to your existing hair and forms a complete layer of hair above your scalp where real hair is. K-Max hair thickener bonds electrostatically to thinning, fine and semitransparent hair, producing an incredible thickening effect in a matter of seconds and concealing the shiny area of the scalp. See the untouched real pictures, results were achieved in well under a minute and are fantastic.

Suitable for Men and Women! Thicker hair in an instant!

Simply sprinkle the K-Max hair thickening fibers onto your thinning hair and hair immediately looks thicker and hair thinning is no longer evident, meaning you no longer have to worry about unsightly thinning when around others,whether in the workplace, at important ceremonies and events or under bright lights. Actors, film stars and tv personalities have been benefitting from these products for years.

Natural colour shades available.... Black and Dark Brown(currently out of stock email for details), Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Light Blonde, Dark Grey, Light Grey. (See colour chart in pictures above for guidance purposes)

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